LSI MegaRaid – Quick configuration without web based BIOS on SuperMicro IPMIs

Setting up a hardware raid configuration remotely can be a rather tiresome task if you do not happen to perform such on a daily basis. Using LSI’s web based client via IPMI can be an extremely nerve wrecking pastime, and since we have run into this scenario a couple of times already, we thought it might be useful to post a very quick getting started guide.

Getting into the configuration shell

  1. Connect to your server’s IPMI and launch the remote console.
  2. Boot the server and enter the preboot client shell (CLI) when the option is presented on screen.

How to create a virtual drive

In the shell, list all your physical disks this way:

-PDList -aALL

This will list all physical devices on all adapters. There will be a lot of scrollage, so you may need to capture (if pause does not work – which is often the case…) the screen with the inbuilt video capture functionality. You will need the following values:

  1. adapter ID (usually 0 or 1)
  2. enclosure ID (often 252, but not always)
  3. slot ID (per disk, varies)

Next, create a virtual disk with your desired RAID setup, e.g. a simple Raid 1 can be done this way (assuming we have the controller’s ID as 0, enclosure ID 252, and the two disks in question on slots 2 and 3 respectively):

-CfgLdAdd -r1 [252:2,252:3] -a0

You are good to go now – reboot, and your OS should pick up the virtual disk now.

Further reading and information: