E3 Sandybridge: 32GB RAM now affordable

Prices for the 8GB 1333 DDR3 ECC unbuffered RAM modules for the E3 based servers have come down considerably lately. While still not linear compared to the 4 GB modules, the price difference is now a lot more affordable than it used to be. This could be a major incentive for people to switch from X34xx based machines to the newer E3 CPUs since the latter’s performance is much better. Memory intensive applications such as Minecraft servers and companies offering such will be interested in this new option as typically the E3 has plenty of CPU power left when all 16GB of memory are in use. Going for 32GB of memory then instead of having to rent another full 16GB dedicated server is a lot cheaper and allows for a better cost/performance ratio.

We have started offering our customers the E3 Sandybridge machines to be equipped with 4x8GB modules now as well. The price for a single E3 with 32GB memory is considerably cheaper than 2x E3 with 16GB memory.



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